62 – Lessons I learnt from a failed launch

Lessons I learnt from a failed launch

Reflection is important for growth and if we don’t take the opportunity to debrief and reflect on past campaigns and launches especially when they don’t go well, then we’ll never grow.
There is always something to learn and ignoring it or avoiding it is just our ego trying to protect itself.
So when we can set our ego aside and look at what we could have done better we get to learn from our mistakes and take things to the next level!

Key things to consider when creating your next launch, campaign or offering

  1. Your message must resonate with your ideal client –
  2. Allow enough time for Lead up, marketing and editing your copy and ads
  3. Be clear on what you’re offering
  4. Timing is everything
  5. Back yourself
  6. Always show up no matter what
  7. The value of free -When there’s no investment -be prepared for no commitment
  8. There is no failure -You can never leave less

Now i have a list of steps to follow for next launch or campaign 🙂