71 – Who are you becoming?

To finish this incredible year off, I have invited my beautiful friend Kirsten Morrison to join me to reflect on the lessons, wins and challenges from 2018. The journey and conversation encompasses all of this and more:

Embracing the journey and the twists and turns

The key things that created our results

The commitments that you show up for making all the difference

Are you committed to your excuses or your results?

Developing trust in abundance

Aligning your money mindset

Trust and surrender and practicing non-attachment with the outcome

Listening to universal nudges

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone

Confidence embedded in action

Leaning into growth with a purpose

Owning your achievements

Preparing for 2019

Kirsten Morrison is an Empowerment Alchemist – guiding women to embrace their inner wisdom, step into embodied truth and empowered living. It is her mission to guide one million hearts to return home; stripping back the layers to reveal their true essence and live with purpose. Kirsten uncovered her soul’s mission after spending three months in the USA on the trip of a lifetime, following the breadcrumbs all the way back to Australia where she finally faced off with the sh*t holding her back, feeling joy, expansion, and freedom for the first time. It was through her own process that she understood she wanted to support as many people to feel the freedom she had found, that was within her all along. It is her strong belief that we already have all the answers, strength, power and purpose we will ever need inside us – and her methods are all centered around tapping people into their own inner GPS so they can find their own answers and truth.