75 – Wearing your worth with Sarah Gale, Founder of Wearing your worth & former Judge on Project Runway Australia

Former Project Runway Australia judge turned spirit activist, Sarah migrated from the competitive fashion-industry pioneering the journey into the aesthetics of the soul. She is an Accredited Coach and Founder of Wearing Your Worth®, a revolutionary program created to enable women to gain greater insight into their psychological relationship with their clothes and deepen their connection with their authentic Self. A mother of two, Sarah is passionate about living an authentic life and continually honing her willingness to live transparently with love, courage, and vulnerability. She speaks from experience, shares from her heart and enjoys inspiring others to live a mindful life. She is a turmeric latte and green smoothie bowl junkie. Follow her on FacebookInstagram or Check out Wearing your Worth

In today’s episode we delve into the world of fashion and the impact our clothes can have on our Psychology and vice versa;

  • Your relationship with your clothes and your “self”
  • Expressing your authenticity through what you wear
  • Our relationship with what we wear is a direct correlation with our mindset and belief patterns
  • Our clothes can reveal our greatest desires and biggest fears.
  • Take charge of your wardrobe and learn how to reconnect with, and express the real you.
  • The real meaning for choosing “comfortable” in your clothing   
  • Undercover your own unique style essences and embody true confidence, authenticity and feel empowered in the wardrobe and beyond.
  • Pushing through resistance to take risks in business
  • Aligning your values to your business