76 – The Drama Cycle

How do you know if you’re living a life in drama? So often we can dramatize things, blow them out of proportion and be caught in a drama cycle with others and not realise it’s causing more pain than good.

So how do we stop living a life of drama and change our toxic behaviour and relationships for the better?

All behaviour is simply an attempt to meet a core need.
So what dramatic behaviours are you using to unresourcefully meet your needs?

Today’s podcast episode is all about how to recognize when Drama is affecting our lives and how to make changes for the better.

What about toxic relationships? Do you know someone who constantly plays the victim? Maybe you identify as someone who rescue’s other people or maybe you see others as weak and vulnerable when they’re playing the victim and instead of supporting them you oppress them. Are these relationships enriching your life or draining them?

Here I delve into the Drama Triangle and how our relationships can be our greatest teachers.