77 – Balancing the Masculine with Michael McPherson, Founder of huMANity Media.

Founder of huMANity. media, an online resource for men and anyone that knows one, Michael McPherson is a passionate, heart-centered entrepreneur committed to redefining what it means to be a man in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Experienced in such things as business in the ‘new way,’ heart-centered creativity, entity channeling, and topics such as sacred sexuality, divine union, inner-child work, and opening our hearts to receive divine prosperity, Michael co-facilitates sacred cacao ceremonies, and leads both online community men’s gatherings and 1-on-1 conscious work with men.

His vision is a world where the heart is the center decision maker and clear leader in business, personal relationships, home life, and creative expression. His personal hobbies include spending time in nature, delighting in high-vibe foods, and getting quality time with his beloved. Learn more about what Michael is up to with his entity huMANity. at humanitymedia.co

Today’s deep conversation dives into:

  • Supporting the masculine to heal
  • Society’s damaging view of masculinity
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Creating intimacy through vulnerability
  • Allowing the divine masculine to come through
  • The impact porn has on our phychology
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine in relationships, society & business
  • Appreciating our parents for doing the best they could
  • Tapping into the body’s wisdom
  • Creating space for opening up the channel to your business entity

You can check out more about Michael McPherson over at https://www.humanitymedia.co/

Follow him here; https://www.instagram.com/humanity.media/