82 – Stuck in consumption mode

Have you signed up to a new course and not started it? Booked in for another workshop, event or study option? Feel like you need a new qualification to get started?

Are you looking for the answers, that one big thing that will change everything? Stuck in constantly learning without following it with action?

Could you be stuck in the learning, addicted to the consumption?

Why do we do it and how we get stuck on the consumption wheel

“Knowledge Is Power But Knowledge Without Action Is Useless. … Knowledge is power but knowledge without action can be useless. “Abu Bakr

There are a multitude of underlying reasons, and mostly will be individual to the person. Here are a few:

  • It’s comfortable and safe – we know what to expect, we know how it will feel and it’s easy.
  • We’re certain of the outcome. Comfort and certainty go together and are actually a core need for all human beings, but there comes a time where meeting this core need can become unresourceful, that it has become necessary to over – fulfil the need.
  • Connection – We love the energy, connection and uplifting feeling of learning something new, being in a training room or group dynamic with other inspired people and feeling good about life.
  • It’s fulfilling a need for Significance – I must be the expert and know everything to feel important
  • We get a dopamine kick when we finish learning something new. Dopamine is a chemical that hits the reward centre in our brain. Often called the happiness drug
  • I am stuck in the cycle of doing the same thing

The problem is that there is no risk in consuming.

There’s no fear of rejection, humiliation, getting it wrong or failure.

Why do we get stuck in consuming, learning instead of taking action? The blocks could be:

  • Believing that you need to know everything before you can start
  • Don’t believe in your own creativity or ability

Other ways this could be showing up in your life:

  • Clutter and hoarding. Struggle to throw things out and are always adding to the pile
  • Always feeling unclear in your next step
  • Binge watching netflix or tv series’
  • Signing up to memberships and subscriptions
  • Constant FOMO – Fear of missing out
  • You sometimes lose sight of why you’re consuming the information

This is what you’re great at:

  • Starting things 🙂
  • Absorbing information
  • Getting inspired

The Training never stops – Tony Robbins

So how do we move forward?

There are some key questions you need to ask yourself to be able to make this change:

  • Do I know one person in the world that I am confident I can help with this information?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • How can I fulfil my needs for Comfort, Connnection, Certainty or Signifcance in another way?
  • How long am I willing to tolerate where I am?
  • What’s the point of consuming the information if I am not using it?

If you don’t use it – you lose it?

True mastery is in taking the action and learning from the experience.

It’s time to start creating and start doing!