83 – You’ve got this

Can I just tell you – You’ve got this! Honestly, stop second guessing yourself, stop talking yourself out of it, and just trust. All is happening for you in divine timing and it’s going to be great! 

Just keep showing up! Showing up for yourself, your business and for those that you want to serve. Everything else will happen from there.

Remind yourself what’s important. Remember why you started and reconnect with your why. Anytime you feel yourself getting off track, being led astray, bring your attention back to your centre and breathe. You’ve got this. 

Ok, so I totally just wrote that for me. I needed to hear it. I need to remind myself on a regular basis that I’m on the right path. Pursuing your dreams can be hard. It can all seem like it’s going great guns, and then all of a sudden you feel stuck, lost and disconnected. Disconnected from your self, your inner knowing and the universe. But it’s at that moment, that you must remind yourself that that is impossible. We are always connected, we just have to stop, listen and breathe.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the doing, the rushing and the hustling. Which can often lead us down the wrong path, and when that spiral gets a little out of control that’s when end up out of alignment.

When you’re out of alignment it can feel like things just aren’t working, like you’re doing all the things but it’s like you’re forcing it, pushing shit up hill!

I can get so focused on my business that I don’t notice that other areas of my life are slipping out of control and that’s where the dis-alignment starts to happen. We let external things affect us, we get off course and stop listening to our inner voice. 

So I created a podcast just for you to remind you how amazing you are…. so If you need a pick me up, this is for you.

It’s an uplift and reconnect episode that I like to call “You’ve Got This!”

Check it out here