What’s happening? Does it feel like you’re doing all things but feel like you’re not getting anywhere?

I’m going to break down the mental, emotional and physical things that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.


Are your goals too big? I don’t mean too big to achieve – have you broken them down small enough so they are achievable?

They may not be specific enough or clear enough and this is keeping you stuck. Do you have systems and processes in place to create the results?

Emotionally: What’s holding you back emotionally? Are your goals inspiring enough? Are they connected to what is important to you? Maybe it’s time to get some leverage on yourself?

Physically: What action are you taking? Is it massive action?

Are you checking in with your goals regularly enough? How do you keep yourself on the right path?

What’s out of alignment? Let’s dive into why you’re not reaching your goals!

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