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Do you feel like you're hitting a plateau? Feeling stuck and overwhelmed and really not sure, what your next step is?  

Are you working your butt off, and not really making much progress? 

Do you feel like you know what you should be doing, but there's something holding you back?

Find yourself not acting upon or sabotaging your dreams, goals or plans?

Do you have trouble making decisions or stopping unwanted behaviours or habits and don’t know why?

Or sometimes feel like something is missing and you’re not fully connected with your deepest inner self?

I get it. Business is hard. The amount of times I've second guessed myself and made mistakes along the way - it's all a part of the journey. We must experience failure to grow and to succeed. (even though it sucks!)

The most important thing is that you get back up after being knocked down and ask for help when you want to get better and stronger!

So if you want:

  • To have the confidence to take risks, to stand out and grow your business to support the lifestyle  you want.
  • To be fully living your purpose and have consistent income
  • To get clear on the how and the steps to get you to your big business vision
  • Let go of those old money beliefs so you can start receiving abundance 
  • Sell yourself and your offer to start making a big impact in the world
  • To be fully booked with premium paying clients
  • Want to be  a thought leader and inspire those around you

Then let's work together! Let me guide you and support you to get back to your inspired, motivated and passionate self, ready to take on the world and smash your goals!!

Ready to get started? Let's go...

Welcome to the Business Empowerment Program


Connect with your ideal client, with your message and your purpose. Without connection a business cannot thrive, and when we connect with our true purpose and align our thoughts, words and behaviours with that purpose, success is inevitable.


Serve and love on your people by wowing your clients, giving them what they want & create raving fans. Uncovering your uniqueness is key to set you a part from everyone else and then serving on a deeper level allows our business and reach to grow even further.


Rise above your fears, limitations & challenges to take your business to the next level. We are our business and our beliefs and values shape what we create. So what better way to scale your business than uncovering what's holding you back and bring out the fierce woman inside you!

Christine Business Mindset Coach

Unlimited Support & 9 In depth Coaching Sessions

Here's how a 9 Week Business Coaching program might look ( I personalise it to your business and your needs!)


Get Clear - Business Vision and Goals

When we get clarity on where we want to go, how we're going to get there and why it's so important to us, our goals become inspiring, uplifting and motivating. It's amazing what can happen when you openly declare your goals and you have someone alongside you, cheering you on and keeping you accountable.


Who are you serving?- Who is your Ideal Client?

One of the most important aspects of growing your business is knowing who you want to serve, deeply. I use an Ideal Client Profile a little differently to most, and once you have this, it will serve you in your business for years to come. 


Offerings- Pricing & Packages

When we know all the inner workings of your Ideal Client's mind, we create or tweak your offering to give your client's what they want and how they want it. We uncover the right wording, communication styles and connection strategies to attract new clients.


Client Attraction - Finding new clients

Having multiple strategies to attract new clients is key when growing your business. We need to meet them where they're at and solve their problems way before asking them for money. We need to consider lead generations and opt ins to attract and retain new ideal clients regularly.

Launching something new? Here is where we create your launch sequences to sell out your group program, workshop, retreat, or event!


Sales Sales Sales?- What's your Conversion?

Is sales a dirty word? Are you attracting the clients but not converting them? Do you hate the sales part and feel awkward asking for money? This is a key component to growing any business and without the right sales strategy for you, then everything else is futile.

 It's not that scary, let me show you how. 


Lift your Visibility- Online & Offline Strategy

How will your people find you? Where are you visible? Here we create an online and offline strategy that will work for you and your clients.

We'll clarify or update your branding and brand personality as well as work toward creating omnipresence. Omnipresence is a skill and is important to be able to build like and trust with your audience to grow your following, engagement & referral network.


Growth Strategy - Long Term Scale

Are you afraid to dream? We need to think 10 years down the track to start considering what we need to put into place now to develop and grow your business, so we can achieve the long term goals you want to achieve. 

Want to be location free? Change locations? Sell your business or develop a team to do the work for you?

We need to know this now so we can scale with purpose.


Roadblocks?- What's holding you back?

Sometimes we don't even know what's holding us back?! Our limiting beliefs and past experiences shape how we show up and behave today so we need to uncover what's holding you back and overcome it so taking massive action is keeping you on the right track!


Attracting Abundance- Money Mindset

Our mindset is everything! Especially when it comes to attracting abundance like money, clients, opportunities, and ventures.

Uncovering your money mindset and developing successful strategies to manage your mind will support you in achieving your goals of having the business of your dreams!

What my clients are saying...


What would have taken me a long time to accomplish on my own, I was able to completely uplevel in just 9 short weeks! From getting clear on my target market, to whipping up a new freebie, creating my marketing campaigns and sales funnels, updating my website and branding, to delivering a very successful webinar and selling out my online program, is just a tiny insight into what having the right support can really do.

Seriously, do you and your business a favour and get Christine on your team! This powerhouse woman puts a rocket up your business and gets behind you in a way that goes over and beyond to make sure you show up, dress up and turn your ideas and goals into reality!!

Rosie, CIntegrative Wellness & Transformational Coach


Working with Christine was an inspiring experience. From the very first session, I could feel that she had my best interests at heart and wanted one thing for me: TO THRIVE.


The deep personal transformation and business coaching Christine delivered helped me to remember who I truly am, recognize my true value, and plan my vision for the coming 10 years.


She truly understands the power of working with the ideal client – and she reminded me of this throughout our coaching. It helped me to fall even more in love with what I do and take my business in the direction I want to go.


It’s no coincidence that I also experienced two of my biggest revenue months while working with her; a great way to finish out the financial year.


After coaching with Christine, I feel more connected to my heart and ready to follow it in everything I do. 

Emily Gowor Book Coach, Author & Speaker


I’d never worked with a Business coach before I was introduced to Christine’s profile and didn’t exactly understand what they did or how they did it. I was in a place where I had a lot to give and a lot to do and just couldn’t get my sh*t together. I needed help to make it all happen. Once I started with Christine, I was so grateful! I was so surprised by the depth of knowledge backed up by valuable advice.

I found lots of clarity throughout the coaching and Christine made me feel comfortable and at ease, she never rushed me and I could tell she was focused on just me and my tasks. My feet hit the ground running, instead of day dreaming all the time.

I find myself daily applying the tips and advice to my life and work and feel all the more wiser for the journey I went on with Christine and her coaching.

I’ll look forward to re-visiting more sessions in the future if I get stuck again.

Jess, L - Photographer

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Before I started coaching with Christine, I had so many business ideas that just kept changing & stacking up,  and I felt I was going nowhere. 

With Christine's guidance I was able to discover my 'Why', get clarity & tangible steps to move forward and allow myself to get really excited about my vision for my business.

I have now created a structure and strategy for my business which keeps me motivated and moving forward.

Christine's support & commitment to your journey will have you taking action, stepping up and believing in yourself. 

Megan, B - Life Coach & Teacher

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Ready to find out more?

Book a discovery call to find out if this program is going to be what changes everything for you!

In this 45 minute discovery call, we will delve into what is holding you back, what your big dreams & goals are and everything this program will go through so you can make the right decision to invest in yourself and your business dreams.

About your Coach

For the past 6 years I have been working with small business owners and helping them reach their business goals. Taking the necessary "business" steps is only half of the battle. Understanding that the person is as much the business owner as they arthe business. Through furthering my studies in NLP, human behaviour and life coaching I believe we need to support the individual through the process as much as the business needs processes. As part of my coaching, I work with a Wholistic view, with the person and their business, as one.

As a qualified Master Coach in NLP, Matrix Therapies, Hypnotherapy & Leadership & Executive Coaching, and with my experience in Business I believe I will support the change you are looking and so desperately want. 

I cannot wait to work with you and see the amazing things you are going to do in this world!

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I am not located in Brisbane, am I still going to be able to do this program?

Yes, absolutely. We can organise Skype or Live Zoom calls for our in person coaching sessions so you can get all the support you need. 

I am still in the early stages of setting up my business, is this program going to be suitable to me?

Yes, absolutely. It is actually a perfect time to work with a coach, you will be able to accelerate your results and not experience the mistakes we all made when we got started.

I have been in business already for over a year, but I feel stuck and unsure of my next steps, will this program work for me?

Yes, absolutely. Well done for getting this far! I would love to help you uncover why you are stuck and we can work together to change your strategy to make a plan moving forward. Working with a coach is amazing for any period in your business and you will benefit at any stage. 

I have a business partner, can we both have access? 

Yes, absolutely. Feel free to book a discovery call and ask me about your "Bring your Partner" offer.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, certainly. Book a discovery call and I can go through all those details for you.

Can't wait to get started? Let's go!

Ready to get started? Excellent! 

Send me your details below, with a little about your business and

let's book a time for your first discovery call!

Yay! Congratulations!

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