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LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective Events

March's LWYD
Collective Event

WHEN: Wednesday March 6th

TIME: 6:30 - 9:00pm


64 James, New Farm.

Investment: $25 + BF

Are you joining us? 

What does it take to be a woman in 2019?

What does it really take to be in woman in today's world? With images of women such as, Beyonce and Michelle Obama, being immaculately dressed, being the perfect mother, successful business woman, supportive wife and impacftul leader, we cannot help but compare and end up feeling terrible about our ourselves. 

Society is  constantly telling us we're not thin enough, rich enough, successful enough, pretty enough and we burn ourselves our trying to be that superwoman and striving to have it all! 

The pressures of being perfect in all aspects of life is exhausting. Mentally, phyiscally and professionaly.

Work life balance is a unicorn that seems so far out of reach.

How do we have it all and not burnout? It's impossible right? 

Well this month's event will be delving into what it means to be a successful woman in 2019 and how we can take care of ourselves and not burnout in the process.

It’s time to claim the life you’ve always wanted.
To gain thriving health and vitality and the impact you know you are capable of.And take a stand for what you want to see in the world and step into our true feminine power!

Let me introduce you to our speakers:

Rosie Chehade

Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is a transformational + Integrative Wellbeing Coach, Life Strategist and Empowerment Mentor. Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women break their cycle of stuck, overwhelm and exhaustion to reclaim their health and happiness. Since overcoming her own personal life crisis and health battles with autoimmune and burnout 11 years ago, Rosie has personally helped hundreds release patterns of anxiety, limitation, and fear, and experience the thriving health, life and impact they are truly capable of. She holds a masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a senior accredited mentor of EAP (Enhances Awareness) and Pathways to Mindfulness, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing. She leads transformational group intensives and workshops as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally. Through her combination of both transformational and practical mentoring, Rosie’s principal focus in life is to support women in awakening to their wholeness and lead more open, happy and fulfilling lives.

Susie Garden

Susie Garden is the Founder of The Wellness Clinic in Hamilton and the Radiant Health Mentoring program.  She’s a Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath and Yoga & Meditation Instructor with over 20 years experince in health care.

Susie was inspired to do this work by her personal journey from corporate burnout survivor to wellness expert. This journey has lead to a life that makes complete sense to me now. 

Susie is passionate about supporting women to live life with abundant energy and vitality and to glow with radiant health using functional medicine, movement and mindset coaching. 


In a fresh new venue with a beautiful upstairs function room (The King Room), we will be invited to enjoy a welcome drink upon arrival and delicious nibbles to devour as we mingle and network before the nights' proceedings.


There is metered street parking till 7pm around the venue and free parking on some side streets such as Harcourt Street. 

This event is FOR YOU:

*If you love what you do or are looking to find or transition into doing what you love
*Want to make meaningful connections with other beautiful women doing the same
*Are ready to step into a life of passion, self-belief & success while in a flow state?
*If you enjoy being surrounded by supportive like-minded people cheering you on
*If you want to improve your mindset to evolve into the feminine leader you know you can be?

I believe that tribe and connection is EVERYTHING - especially when you're chasing your dreams. Having people around you who get it, who encourage you and support you. This is why I created the LWYD Collective: I want to connect with our local community of badass boss babes and make some magic happen! While there is no doubt we are all amazing individually, there is so much power in the collective.

Included in your ticket:

*Drink upon arrival
*Swag Bag 
*Lwyd Notebook
*Connection time with other like-minded women
*Activities designed to help you truly connect with those in the space and attract true abundance 
*A visualization to leave you feeling empowered to take action.

Grab your boss babe BFF & your tickets now - this one is destined to sell out!! Cannot wait to connect with you all xx

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