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 'How to rock a
Discovery Call
without selling'
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This Guide and Cheat sheet is designed to give you the confidence and clarity around how to run a Discovery Call by gently guiding the conversation to a solution where your potential client feels heard 

and valued and wants to work with you!

 It also takes the fear out of call for you too!


Prior to the Discovery call I was feeling totally out of my depth, overwhelmed and in fear that I wouldn't be able to handle the call and would lose the client. I was afraid of how to 'sell' and really had no idea what I was doing!

 Having the guide in front of me was so helpful because it just allowed me that security in knowing I was following the prompt and it guided me to keep the conversation flowing in the right direction. 

At no point did I feel like I was 'selling' - it just felt like I was having a great connection! So the 'sale' at the end felt so natural and didn't feel pushed at all. I signed on the client and felt over the moon knowing it was so simple! This really is an amazing guide - right from setting up the container before hand and reflecting afterwards"

Kirsten, M Empowerment Coach

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