2 Day Business Mastermind
Kingscliff, NSW
February 16 & 17 2019

Take 2 days out to create your 2019 Business Strategy with inspiring women who want to up-level their mindset, motivation and business to create an incredible 2019!

Want to have an awesome weekend away, with a bunch of powerhouse women to 

hatch your plan for world domination in 2019?

Being a Solo entrepreneur can be hard sometimes.

Figuring out each step of the way on your own, not knowing if you're doing it right. Questioning every post, launch, offering and everything you put out into the world and hoping it all works out!

Fighting the perception of doing what you love and having the strength to ask people to pay you for it. The confidence to put yourself out there again and again and ask for what you want!

Putting yourself in situations to grow and learn from those who have come before you is vital and can make the biggest difference!

Surrounding yourself with people who can help you celebrate your highs and lows, and support you through the big wins and losses that happen in business makes the journey so much sweeter!

Do you feel supported and uplifted by those around you?

Are you second-guessing yourself and struggling to ask for what you want and charging what you're worth?

For all those reasons, I have created a unique weekend experience designed to up-level your mindset, your brand and your business strategy to allow you to step into the success you want to create in 2019!

The LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective 2 Day Business Mastermind is designed specifically for all the beautiful heart centered entrepreneurs, soulpreneurs, and entrepreneur sisters that want to take 2019 by storm!

This Business Mastermind is sure to leave you inspired, motivated, clear and ready to dive into 2019 head first!

2 Day Business Mastermind where the magic happens....

~Break through the fears and limiting beliefs that have held you back from taking your life and business to the next level.

~Create a new vision for yourself and your business, ultimately giving yourself the permission to step into your feminine leadership & power

~Develop a personalised Business Strategy for the growth your business deserves 

~Beautiful Soul Inspired Head shots with a professional photographer 

~Delving into the masculine and feminine energy and the impact it has on business so you can be in flow and ditch the hustle

~Create your best Client Attraction Plan & personalised sales stragey  

~Increase your energy for success with Guidance on Nutrition and Vitality 

~Unique experiences to up-level your mindset and self care

~Connect with other like-minded women creating amazing impact in this world!

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn

Meet the Guest Speakers...

lea schodel

CEO of Wellthy Pty Lty &

Founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement

Lea has 17 years’ experience in financial advice, combined with qualifications in wellness coaching, money coaching, yoga teaching and writing. Lea is passionate about financial well-being and teaching women to manage money in a holistic, meaningful and creative way. She runs online programs, face to face workshops and wealth & well-being retreats which incorporate personal finance, mindfulness, yoga, well being and personal development.

In 2016, Lea was named the Money Management’s Young Achiever of the Year and in 2017, she won the AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice award.

Lea’s work has also been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, Wanderlust, YogiTimes, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

As a social enterprise, The Mindful Wealth Movement’s aim is to empower women with the mindset, skills and confidence to better manage their relationship with money, reduce financial stress and create happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

Lea will be holding a Yoganomics Class and Money Mindset workshop throughout the weekend to enhance your experience with allowing more money into your business & life.

Value $1800

Belinda Love

Self Love & Resilience Coach

Qualified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Self Love Advocate, Belinda is devoted to inspiring and empowering people all over the world, to feel loved everyday regardless of their relationship status, and to know they are lovable even if they are single. Belinda’s purpose is to help others live a life of self-love and delivers her content all over the world via one-on-one coaching, online courses and in person seminars.

Belinda will be taking us through the benefits of balancing the masculine energy with the feminine energy in business.

Feminine energy in business aids in self love, reduces decision fatigue, repairs energy, reinvigorates office culture and reduces burnout.

Value $1500

Asja Svilans

Founder of The Grounded Way

Nutritionist & Workshop Facilitator  

Asja believes that good food, connection, nourishment, creativity and service are the key to living a good life, and to learn how to care for, and love, yourself.

With over a decade of conscious work in and across small business, hospitality, health promotion, women’s advocacy and workshop/event facilitation, this experiential career has culminated in Asja’s creation of ‘The Grounded Way’.   This project is a socially responsible well-being hub, inspiring skill acquisition and inspiration to encourage women to build kitchen confidence and nutritional literacy and embrace a slower way of living to reap more happiness and productivity.

Asja will be hosting a Nutrition for Vitality & Energy workshop for our Saturday Night Team Dinner.

Empower yourself with beautiful meals that will fuel your body & give you energy to perform at your best during and after the weekend.

Value $1500

Flamingo creative

Claire Hepburn

Flamingo Creative

Founder of Flamingo Creative

Marketing & Brand Strategist

Claire Hepburn is the Founder of Flamingo Creative and loves helping small businesses to stand out and achieve success.  She has spent the majority of her career working within marketing teams in a range of industries gaining skills, knowledge and experience. Through this, she realised that she has a passion for design, digital marketing, and coming up with out of the box solutions to help take small businesses to the next level.  Claire’s studies in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing have helped her to design and implement successful strategies and outcomes for her clients.

Value $1800



Photographer & Instagram Strategist

Amanda is a Brand Photographer and Instagram Coach based in Brisbane. Her mission is to help brands and female business owners stand out amongst the crowd with gorgeous and on-brand imagery. Amanda has built a genuine and engaged community on Instagram where she endeavours to educate and show the behind the scenes of building a photography business.

What Others Say


I was surrounded by a group of women that were all out to make incredible change and be a part of something bigger than themselves. This was all new to me and the voice inside my head started to say you don't have enough to offer, you aren't as good as them. I was horrified at what I'd started to tell myself on what became one of the best days of my life.

I almost let my thoughts get in the way of...

*Valuable education

*Opportunity to learn from and be inspired by others that had more experience.

*Collaboration that inspired my to develop my brand further

* Self reflection that made me realise I'm capable!

*New friendships with some seriously inspirational, knowledgeable, kickass women.

When you open yourself up to new opportunities you may surprise yourself with what is possible. 
I'm so grateful for this day and the people surrounding me.

Ash, M

/Social Media Strategist


Holy Magic! The life-altering chats continued throughout the afternoon, as we each had moments to candidly and authentically share where we're at and what we're feeling.
It's incredible what magic can flourish when you bring women into a room. Creating space to connect, learn, listen, support and empower. Seriously, it's really f*cking wild! It has reaffirmed my desire to continue bringing peeps together! We then got into some action-packed business inspiration with Christine from Periscope Coaching. Christine is a total powerhouse! She is a business and life strategy coach, along with hosting her own podcast and workshops. This wonder woman took us through key steps to finding and creating alignment in our business. We talked all things vision, client profiles and purpose. I found it particularly helpful to understand where I was at in my business, and where I can create more clarity and alignment in what I do and what I WANT to be doing. 

Steph, D


Such an amazing weekend!

Nine beautiful souls in the space, sharing from the heart, being transparent and allowing themselves to be seen as well as kicking some serious goals. 

My biggest takeaway from the event is that is where I shine. 

I Fucking love connecting with people on a heart level. I love opening up and sharing my shit and opening up the floor for everyone to do the same. 

Empowerment Coach

We'll be staying at~~~Eclipse Retreat

Absolute Beachfront Mansion in Kingscliff, NSW. 

A destination like no other, positioned perfectly just south of the Queensland border and only 15 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport, Salt Village stretches along the Tweed Coast at South Kingscliff in New South Wales and boasts the magical reputation of a sunny paradise by the sea.

Experience the bliss of the unspoilt beachside location and indulge in the myriad of pleasures that are on your doorstep, such as award winning restaurants and bars, popular boutique retail shops, kids playgrounds and bike paths, and of course the irresistible 

allure of the ever-popular patrolled '"Salt Beach".

Christine Corcoran

Founder of Periscope Coaching

Business & Life Strategy Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Event Host

Master Practitioner of NLP, Matrix Therapies & Life Coaching

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

I will be hosting the weekend and will be supporting your growth and development with workshops on Sales Strategies, Setting Goals and developing your business vision & mission.

Are you ready to up-level your mindset, motivation and business, at the same time as making a conscious effort to make a positive impact in the world?

My passion is to support Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Practitioners & service providers in developing their message, their niche and supporting them to create the business of their dreams,

with a lifestyle they want to lead that sets their soul on fire!

Here’s what I know for sure... You have what it takes.

Your idea is great and your Business can be successful!

 I believe in you. And I believe the world needs you.



Christine will be hosting the full weekend and personally facilitating the Strategy Planning Workshop for 2019 and Understanding the sales journey to attract your Ideal Clients.


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