99 – Fear of Sales

Are you afraid of sales? If we want a successful business and life, we must overcome your fear of sales and get comfortable recommending your product or service! Do you offer an introductory session to recommend your services but hates sales and feel awkward even talking about what you offer Then this episode is for you.

Today I talk all about:

  • What are you afraid of?
  • Overcoming old stories of pushy salesman and sleazy disingenuous sales calls
  • Getting comfortable with a sales process
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Letting go of old money stories
  • Getting clear on what you sell and what your customer is actually buying
  • Preparing for a sales call.

Here are the links to all the resources mentioned in today’s episode.

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98 – Learning to receive

Are you a giver? Do you love giving but struggle to receive?

Do you find yourself deflecting compliments?

Do you not accept when someone wants to celebrate your or give you encouragement?

Can you ask for help? Are you coachable? Do you take advice on board? Welcome Feedback?? Are you blocking abundance in all areas of your life?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

It might be time to learn how to receive.

For such a long time I was wearing “independence” like a badge of honour. Doing things on my own made me feel strong and significant and it got to the extreme where I wasn’t allowing myself to receive gifts from other people. I had to overcome old belief patterns around accepting help meant weakness, where I believed I wasn’t of value when I wasn’t giving.

Can you receive gracefully? Yes, thank you I appreciate that. You’re so kind, 

Yin and Yang, circle of life, giving and receiving, we need both to experience life fully.

On today’s episode, I explore the gift of receiving and the old thought patterns we need to change to start receiving abundance into our lives.

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97 – Perfectionism is the thief of your joy!

Hhhm Perfectionism. It’s a thing a lot of people struggle with and I can hear the inner critic of all you perfectionists say ” It does have to be perfect!”.

So I wanted to take the time to delve into how to identify if you are a perfectionist and how to slowly develop your ability to be ok when things are not perfect so you can strive for progress, not perfection.

Do you have perfectionist tendencies?

  • Do you expect a high standard from everyone around you–and find yourself getting frustrated with other peoples lack of standards?
  • Do you take way too long to get things done? Always reading it over, revising it, perfecting it.
  • Do you view mistakes as proof you’re inadequate?
  • Do you struggle to celebrate your success?
  • Do you avoid doing things in case you fail?
  • Do you attach your self worth to achieving and accomplishing or validation from others?
  • Are you never satisfied with what you create?
  • Do you get stuck in a comparison spiral?

Let’s create awareness so you can stop striving for perfection and start striving for progress.

Today on the podcast I take you through the 9 steps you can take to overcome perfectionism and start becoming the person you want to be and start living your fullest life!

“Perfectionism is the thief of your joy”

  • It steals your joy.
  • It steals your self-confidence.
  • It steals your ability to get things done.
  • It steals your passion.
  • It steals your self-acceptance.
  • It steals your ability to grow.

Let’s create the awareness and start striving for progress not perfectionism.

Here are the 9 steps you can take to overcome perfectionism and start enjoying the journey.

1.Fear of being judged -real talk – you are your harshest critic, it’s time to practice being kinder to yourself, becoming aware of when you are judging yourself and learn to bring kindness to your self judgments.

2. Is it really perfect unless it’s done, out there in the world and you’re getting the feedback to know if it works, if it’s right, if it’s working?

3.Learning to accept feedback.

4.Strive for progress rather than perfection

5.Celebrate your mistakes – failure is the first steps to success

6. Put a deadline on your perfectionism

7.Stop comparing yourself to other people Compare yourself to yourself. …Accept that you are human and so are everyone else. …

8. Learning to receive

9. Enjoy the journey

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Client Attraction Masterclass!

Want to find out more about the Client Attraction Masterclass? Click Here: https://periscopecoaching.com.au/masterclass/

96 – The 5 beliefs that stop you growing

Our beliefs shape our reality, our actions, our behaviour and our results in life. If we’re not careful we can find ourselves closing the doors to our growth and our fullest potential because we believe some of the fixed mindset thoughts that run through our minds.

Be careful when you hear yourself say or think any version of these and here’s how to shift and change them.

It’s always been done that way

I can do it better on my own

It’s not my fault it’s the (economy, flooded market, it’s the customers, employees, partner, friend, etc)

I don’t know or I don’t know what to do

It is what it is – it’s out of my control

Belief patterns can be strong and difficult to change if we have built up enough evidence to prove them to be true to ourselves.

Each day it’s important that we

  • Ask better questions
  • Question the beliefs that may hold us back
  • Embed new beliefs that serve us
  • Search out the evidence to back up those new beliefs.

So where is your mindset fixed? immovable? or in avoidance?

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself”

tony robbins

95 – Unstoppable Leadership with Kate Maree Obrien. Founder of SHE, Visionary & Voice for Bold Leadership

Kate Maree O’Brien is a Visionary and voice for bold leadership who plays it big and lives from her truth. After coming through tremendous challenges including drug addiction, anorexia, and depressions, Kate became a recognized national leader in her field as a registered nurse. She was nominated for a special regional health award for her work in training doctors and nurses throughout New Zealand.

Despite a thriving career, and her dream job offer on the table, Kate let it all go to follow the internal nudge to lead on a bigger stage.

She’s since created a global company specializing in empowering women’s leadership and has a team of 12 full-time employees. Kate leads trainings and workshops globally including her five-day advanced leadership breakthrough experience with over 100 people going deep for 5 days, called The Hero’s Journey.

Our conversation today covers so much more than this;

  • Willingness to show up and go all in
  • Building the tenacity to push the boundaries of fear
  • The power we have in changing relationships
  • Boundaries and Standards when removing toxic people from your life
  • Trust the nudges
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • You are custom built for doing the things you’re called to do
  • Stepping into new levels of leadership
  • Knowing why keeps you moving forward
  • Self-doubt shows up at every level of expansion
  • Moving into your next room before you’re “ready”
  • Top tips for public speaking
  • Putting people on pedestals
  • Stepping into Unstoppable Leadership

To find out more about Kate click here: https://katemareeobrien.com/

To check out the epic 3 Day Leadership Event SHE on the Gold Coast click here: SHE – Unstoppable is an understatement

94 – Fear of Success

What is Fear of Success, how do we identify it and how do we overcome it?

You may think the fear of failure is what causes us to procrastinate and not take action on our goals, often it’s the fear of success that is harder to recognize and what is actually keeping us stuck.

We often self-sabotage without even knowing we are doing it

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Not wanting to set goals
  • Being late to appointments/meetings of importance
  • Saying or doing something inappropriate during important situations
  • Conveniently “forgetting deadlines”
  • Laziness and lack of motivation to complete projects
  • Constantly second-guessing yourself
  • Addiction to procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-sabotage in ways that prevent a positive outcome
  • Not preparing for something important
  • Avoidance of responsibility
  • Turning down good opportunities without a good reason
  • Limiting yourself to jobs, projects, and relationships you’ve long outgrown
  • Sabotaging yourself when you’re on the brink of success (e.g. making excuses, getting “sick”, excessive alcohol or drug use, closing down, negative self-talk, creating dramas, etc.)

Today I’m talking about the top 5 fear-based thinking patterns that are attributed to the fear of success.

  1. Fear of People Judging you
  2. Fear of people leaving you
  3. Fear of being successful and then it all comes falling down
  4. Fear of who you may become
  5. Fear of more responsibility or more challenge

What are you afraid of and how can we overcome the fear of success?

93 -Self Doubt: killer of our dreams

Self Doubt stops action, momentum, stops decisions and creates a disconnect. A separation of self from others, our ability and our power.

Are you feeling blocked creatively, scared to launch something new, questioning what you know or how you can do something you’ve never done before?

Do you keep hearing that inner voice saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m never going to figure this out, I wish I was more confident” This is the little self-doubt monster taking over.


  • What is self-doubt and how do we overcome it?
  • How does Self Doubt hold you back?
  • What if you let go of Self Doubt?
  • Learn to celebrate yourself and your abilities

Self Doubt blocks our intuition, our abundance, lowers our vibration and has no purpose other than to keep us safe. Without it we actually develop self-belief. Don’t beat yourself up. You are not a failure just because you something didn’t work out.

Rebuild self-trust
Our word to ourselves is everything. Our commitments are our word to ourselves and when we go against that, we lose trust with ourselves.

What would support you in rebuilding your trust?

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac

92 – Creating a shift with Katherine Maslen – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author, Mother and Founder of Shift & Brisbane Natural Health.

Katherine is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist. She is on a mission to change the face of health and to help others live a life that they love. As the author of the best selling book Get Well Stay Well, Katherine is a sought after media commentator, speaker, entrepreneur and podcast host. She is a pioneer in her industry and has developed a world first membership model of natural health care which is changing the face of health in Australia.

Katherine has been featured on the Today show on Channel 9, ABC radio and in Wellbeing, Good Health and Marie Claire magazines.

In 2019 Katherine released The Shift, a world first audio-documentary podcast designed specifically to help you make your shift. Through an insightful and immersive listening experience, The Shift will help you cut through the murk of misinformation, giving you the absolute facts from the most reputable global health experts. In the first season of The Shift, Katherine interviewed 24 of the world’s leading gut health experts. You can listen to the first season here.


Our conversation covers:

  • Holistic health is looking at the whole picture not just the symptoms
  • Wellness is a journey not a destination
  • The Work life balance myth
  • Microbiome and their effect on our health
  • Cultivating joy and being kinder to ourselves
  • Self-care must be mindful and conscious
  • Expanding a business and it’s new challenges
  • We all have a negative bias
  • Getting to know why you do what you do
  • What’s your existence inventory?
  • Membership Business model changing lives
  • Expansion and growth bring new challenges
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