18 – Merry Christmas & Festive Season Expectations

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What do you have planned? Spending time with Family and Friends?

  • Manage your expectations to maximise your enjoyment
  • Setting intentions for each experience
  • Decide ahead of time what matters
  • Decide how you can show up that will be more effective
  • How to deal with loneliness at this time of the year

Have an amazing Christmas!


Keep an eye out for my 2018 Goals Challenge for the New Year!



17 – Cut the Noise with Chris Helder, International Motivational Speaker and Author

Guest Mr Chris Helder – International Motivational Speaker & Author.

Chris is one of today’s highest booked motivational speakers, with 16 years experience he has presented his high-impact presentation over 2000 times to audiences around the world.  Best selling author of three books – The Ultimate book of influence, Useful Belief and new release – Cut the Noise.

On today’s episode we cover:

  • How to have a Useful belief because positive thinking doesn’t work
  • How to lead with Love not Fear
  • How to use Useful Belief to stay present, to achieve success and happiness
  • Why we all need to “Cut the noise” to live happier lives
  • How Energy is our decision
  • His top tips to living a successful life
  • New Years Resolutions – don’t set yourself up to fail
  • His 10 Seconds of Guilt technique

Chris Helder is on a mission to help us eliminate guilt from our lives, bringing us back to gratitude to allow us to see the beauty in the everyday.

You can check out his books and more about Chris Helder here:


Best selling Author of:

The Ultimate Book of Influence – Best Seller, translated into 5 languages

Useful Belief – Because positive thinking doesn’t work.

Cut the Noise – Accelerated Focus, Circles of Importance, and 10 Seconds of Guilt Technique

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!


16- Money Mindset Part 2

Money Mindset Part 2 – let’s take this even further – what are your beliefs about what is possible?

On today’s episode we cover:

 How do you determine your income?
How valuable are you in your job or business?
How can you add more value?
How do you spend your time around money?
How can we be more resourceful and open ourselves up to new opportunities?
I would love to hear your takeaways and experiences from how these episodes have changed the way you view money. Please share with me on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PeriscopeCoaching/

Please enjoy today’s episode:

15 – Money Mindset Part 1

What’s your money story? How do you treat money in your life? What does it mean to you and those around you?

Money can control so much of our lives – we either don’t have enough of it or when we have it we don’t know how to keep it. Money is just a form of energy that we exchange for something of value.

Could the way you think about money be pushing it out of your life? Could changing your beliefs around money allow you to welcome more money in?  Let’s explore this….

On today’s episode, we cover:

what is your money story?
What is a money belief and how do we change it?
What are your thoughts around money and are they even your thoughts?
How can we change how we treat money and welcome more into our lives?
I would love to hear your money beliefs and the new mantras you create – please share with me on facebook here:


14 – Taking the Mystery out of Marketing with Linda MacDonald from Business2One

On today’s episode, I had the privilege to speak and pick the brain of Marketing Director from Business2One, Linda MacDonald.

Linda is internationally respected marketing, communications and community engagement leader. She is regarded as a leading authority on digital strategy, social media and the use of LinkedIn for business.

With a fierce commitment to learning, Linda maintains membership with a range of organisations including Women On Boards, Australian Marketing Institute, Australian Association of Social Marketing, and the International Association of Business Communicators.

On today’s episode we talk about how to have a marketing strategy for your business and how to be flexible in the execution and all these great areas:


– Getting to know your audience by tapping into their language for better engagment

– Website and Social Media platforms and what works best to create an authentic conversation

– How marketing and branding go together like a marriage

– How to improve your interaction on social media  with the Golden Rule of posting

– Content ideas and how to tell your brand story

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help

– How to hire for business success



Also please check out this great offer from Linda and Business2One for all my beautiful podcast listeners!

To help you hit the ground running in 2018, business2one is offering a free Social Media Audit to all podcast listeners.

Simply visit their website or click the link below and add the coupon ‘Kickstart’ at the checkout (offer ends 31 Jan 2018).


For more information on what services Linda provides at Business2One please head over to her website.

Welcome to business2one




13 – Could your friends make you more successful?

“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

It is so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up, expect a high standard from you and bring out the best version of yourself. Otherwise, you find yourself accepting less. Less from yourself, less from others and eventually you find yourself unhappy in life, love and career.

Change is inevitable. We are slowly changing every day. Our bodies are changing, our mind is developing new reference points and our lives are transforming.
Each day our cells are changing. The lining of our stomach is renewed every few days, our colon cells die off every four days and are replaced with new ones, and we grow an entirely new skin every 2-3 weeks.
Whether the change for the good or for the worse, is up to you.

Change is inevitable. Growth is where the progress happens. And growth can happen every day – if you create it.

So what can you do this week to step outside your comfort zone? Where can you raise your standards and expect more from yourself and your life?

You only have one life to live.
So you may as well go big.

Here’s to you.




12 – Benefits of Kindness

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” – Tony Robbins

Monday, November 13th is World Kindness day. Would you consider yourself to be a kind person? Would you consider yourself to be friendly, generous and considerate?

On today’s episode, we take the opportunity to delve into the benefits of kindness, how we hold ourselves back from giving or being generous, how we can be kind on a daily basis, and to self reflect.

Benefits of Kindness research was taken from the site: www.randomactsofkindness.org/the-science-of-kindness

Kindness can increase the hormone of love, energy, happiness, your lifespan, pleasure and stimulates the production of serotonin.

Kindness also decreases pain, stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure.


Hope you enjoy today’s episode!



11- What 3 months with No Alcohol has taught me

Do you drink on a regular basis?   I did. I mean I’m not an alcoholic or anything, but I would enjoy my wine after work and Sunday sessions with friends. I also found I was overeating, spending money on things I didn’t need to make myself feel better and yet it wasn’t working.

I decided to do a 3month detox and it was surprising to see the changes it made in my life. The mental clarity and strength of my confidence and my resolve has changed drastically.

Ever thought “how am I going to handle this social situation without alcohol?” Yep that was me.

Never could I imagine having enjoying myself and actually dancing on the dance floor before having 5 wines!

It’s amazing what you can do when you make a commitment and stick to it.


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10 – Are you a Judgy McJudge?

Do you find yourself judging yourself and other people on a regular basis? Is this a pattern we play or is it just being human? On today’s episode, I talk about the effect judging others can have on ourselves and those around us. We talk about what is happening in the brain when we choose to judge others and how we can change our perspective to respect, learn and grow through judging others.

Dr Wayne Dyer once said, “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.”

When we judge other people we close the opportunity for awareness and growth, connection and love.

How can you look at the whole person not just the surface value?

What can I learn about the person I am judging?

What makes them unique and interesting?

What is my reaction telling me about myself?

Am I noticing this in another person because I notice this within myself?



9 – Self Love with Kathryn Ottobrino, Holistic Life Coach and Speaker

On today’s episode we talk all about Self Love with Kathryn Ottobrino, a Holistic Life Coach, Healer and Speaker.

We chat about self love practices, doing the work to improve your self worth and self acceptance.

How to fill up your own cup to be able to hold the space for your clients

That through the process we learn as much from our clients as they learn from us.

And lots more about how she went from corporate roles to building her business behind the scenes and how she plans to take her business international.

Feel free to reach out to Kathryn through her socials with the links below and her website to find out more about Soul Bootcamp and her workshops.

INSTAGRAM –  https://www.instagram.com/kathrynottobrino/

FB – https://www.facebook.com/kottobrino/

WEBSITE  – https://kathrynottobrino.com.au/