8 – Confidence & Clarity

Are you waiting for the confidence before you step up or start something new? Is it really confidence that you need or is it courage? How do we get confidence and if we were clearer on what we want – would it be easier to get confidence?

On today’s episode, we dive into how we can generate confidence when we need it and use the feeling to help us be courageous in our business and life.

What do you want confidence for?


7 – Interview with Kylie Lowe, Founder of Joining Hands, a Social Enterprise with a mission

In today’s episode, I had the privilege to interview Kylie Lowe, founder of Joining Hands Australia.

I met Kylie in 2016 when I signed up to become a GiveBack Ambassador for Joining Hands to assist in providing wellness services to the homeless and vulnerable of Brisbane.

Through these amazing give back days, where I helped provide Haircuts (I am a qualifiaed Hairdresser) to homeless youth, I got to know Kylie and her mission to connect on a deeper level to these vulnerable people.

We talk about how she has overcome massive health challenges to be able to know that she is here for a reason and to be a voice to those who are voiceless on the streets of Australia.

Kylie started out in 2009 giving wellness clinics to women and children for free and has developed a sustainable business where she invites other passionate business owners to become a part of the social impact she is creating.

Kylie says, she started out with a vision and a dream  and with no business knowledge, she surrounded herself with successful people and looked for constant support to be able to make her mission possible.

Through creating strong connections with these young people, Kylie understands the importance of creating kind and giving business relationships and how being aware of your inner narrative through mindfulness is a great way to keep you on purpose.


To find out more about the impact Kylie is making please visit her website on https://joininghands.com.au/

and to become part of the Giveback Ambassador Program please check out https://joininghands.com.au/giveback-ambassador/

You can also connect with her on Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/joininghandsaus/ and Instragram on @joininghandsaus



Thanks for listening



6 – Rejection – Stop making it about you!

We experience Rejection in every day life – especially in business. How you handle rejection can be either empowering or defeating. How do you handle rejection and what do you make it mean?  Today, I talk about 3 ways to look at rejection and how to overcome the negative emotions it creates.



5 – Lessons learnt from Tony Robbins at Unleash the Power Within

After an epic 4 day event with Tony Robbins at Unleash the Power Within Sydney, I share the lessons I learnt and the experience I will never forget.

I got a little of the Tony Flu and lost my voice after all the screaming and yelling, so please be patient with my voice.

*We control our physiology and therefore control our state

*The Training never stops

*We all have limiting beliefs and we have the power to change them

*Proximity is Power

*How to live an Outstanding Life

*Knowledge is not power, applying what you’ve learnt is.

*Make your life  a masterpiece – Tony Robbins



4 – Network Marketing Millionaire , Interview with Amy Andrade, wife, mother and Millionaire

I love this episode. Amy is a successful Network Marketer and an amazing wife, mother of three.

In this episode we talk about how she has retired her husband in less than 10 months, how she has built her business without using social media and how her success has changed her and her family’s lives.



3 – Time To Change Your Reference Points

Have you ever thought something was impossible only to find someone close to you had achieved it? How are your reference points and life experiences holding you back from achieving the success you are looking for and are the people around you lifting you up or limiting your life experience?

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