81 – What it takes – Celebrating women in business from the last 80 episodes!

After International Women’s Day I decided to celebrate all the amazing women I have been privileged to interview on the podcast over the last 80 episodes! Let’s dive into what it takes to be successful in business from these amazing women,.

On this episode you’ll hear from:

Alana Arvanitis  Self Love Takes Dedication & Commitment, Founder Of The Self Love Movement – Episode 42

Natalie Sellars – Removing toxicity from your life with Natalie Sellars from Kindred Toxin Free Facials – Episode 80

Kate Toon – Confessions of a misfit Entrepreneur with Kate Toon – award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant, Author and Podcast Host! Episode 65

Sarah Gale -Wearing your worth with Sarah Gale, Former judge of Project Runway Australia and Founder of Wearing Your Worth – Episode 75

Jodie Milton – Sex, Conflict & Relationships with Jodie and Reece from Practical Intimacy – Episode 69

Sam Mutimer – Finding A Way With Sam Mutimer. Founder & Director Of ThinkTank & Scout Social – Episode 37

Lea Schodel – Are You An Enabler Or Controller Of Your Money With Lea Schodel from The Mindful Wealth Movement – Episode 23

Terry Hawkins – We came here for a reason featuring Terry Hawkins, CEO & Founder Of People In Progress – Episode 20

Makenzie Marzluff – Heart-Centred Entrepreneurship with Makenzie Marzluff, Founder of Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate & Delighted by Hummus – Episode 73

Kirsten Morrison – Who are you becoming? Episode 32 & 71

So many amazing insights – here’s just a few of what we cover:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Loosening the expectations on what success in business would look like
  • Selfish to hold your gifts back from the world
  • Learn to love the journey, love the processes of business
  • The downloads that come to you are coming to you for a reason.
  • Following what you love
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Being self aware when things aren’t working
  • Sales is all about service
  • Don’t be scared to be noisy
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Creating your own story

80 – Removing toxicity from your life with Natalie Sellars from Kindred Toxin Free Facials

“After 13 years in traditional beauty, there came a point where I could no longer go on. I needed to take full responsibility for the message I was sending about beauty and for what I was putting on my client’s skin. I start work each day excited to educate my clients that there’s another way and that a bathroom full of products does equal beautiful skin!” – Natalie Sellers, Founder, Kindred Toxin Free Facial Studio.

When you meet Kindred Toxin Free founder, Natalie Sellars, it is easy to understand why her authenticity and passion has helped her build a loyal following of clients and skincare devotees. For 16 years she has honed her craft as a skincare doyenne, having worked and managed leading spas in Australia and New Zealand. For the last three years, Natalie has honored her dedication to and belief in living toxin-free, working to create an exceptional experience that promotes kind beauty. She now uses only the very best organic & toxin free skin care in each ritual. Her “no BS” approach makes her a trusted practitioner genuinely interested in the wellbeing of her clients.

This conversation is so delicious! We cover all this and more:

  • Removing toxicity from your life – People and products
  • How are you ensuring you’re showing up as your best self for your clients?
  • Automating to support your self care boundaries
  • Weekly business rituals to keep things running smoothly
  • What to consider when creating your customer’s full experience
  • Hiring experts to help with translating what you do to your customer
  • Exchanging time for feedback and reviews to build your profile
  • Real reviews to grow your business
  • Charging and valuing what you do
  • Having open communication with staff to support your business to become sustainable long term
  • Dealing with mental stress as a business owner
  • Understanding your WHY – what are your reasons for doing what you do
  • Gather a core group of experts who know what they’re doing – your you’re not the master of it all
  • Check in with what success means to you – regularly

KIND Beauty is the ethos at KINDRED TOXIN FREE face and body


  • KIND to yourself by allowing yourself the space to re connect and be taken care of.
  • KIND to the environment, using Eco friendly, chemical free products that are good for your skin and the environment.
  • KIND to Animals, no animal testing, and Vegan facial options ( honey/no honey)
  • KIND to and inclusive of others. We are a safe and nurturing space for PEOPLE of all ages, cultural backgrounds, gender and gender expressions. Both in the salon, and at all of our community events.Giving back is very important and part of KINDRED. $1 from every organic and toxin free facial is donated to help http://joininghands.com.au give back to Brisbanes homeless and vulnerable youth. 

79 – How to transition from your 9-5 into doing what you love

Do you want to leave your 9-5? Not sure how you’re going to do it?

Here’s what I did and a little hindsight advice!

Here were some key things I did to be able to leave my 9-5 and dive into my business full time:

  • Set a deadline and create a plan
  • What needs to happen for me to be able to leave your job?
  • Create a money buffer
  • Maximising your time while you’re still in your 9-5
  • Grow your business & build your network
  • Start & Grow your social media followings
  • Create enough work to keep you busy for a couple of months
  • Schedule in all the business tasks daily while you’re still working
  • Show up for your business
  • Tell people what you’re doing before you jump

78 – Letting your emotions get the better of you

Where are your emotions getting out of control? Do you rely on your emotions to make your decisions?

Where do you need to stop overthinking and just take action?

Where would you like to be more disciplined, or more consistent in your life?

What patterns are playing out in your life that are hindering you from taking action and achieving what you want in life?

Success leaves clues and those clues are usually consistency and self-discipline.

You are not always going to feel like it!

77 – Balancing the Masculine with Michael McPherson, Founder of huMANity Media.

Founder of huMANity. media, an online resource for men and anyone that knows one, Michael McPherson is a passionate, heart-centered entrepreneur committed to redefining what it means to be a man in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Experienced in such things as business in the ‘new way,’ heart-centered creativity, entity channeling, and topics such as sacred sexuality, divine union, inner-child work, and opening our hearts to receive divine prosperity, Michael co-facilitates sacred cacao ceremonies, and leads both online community men’s gatherings and 1-on-1 conscious work with men.

His vision is a world where the heart is the center decision maker and clear leader in business, personal relationships, home life, and creative expression. His personal hobbies include spending time in nature, delighting in high-vibe foods, and getting quality time with his beloved. Learn more about what Michael is up to with his entity huMANity. at humanitymedia.co

Today’s deep conversation dives into:

  • Supporting the masculine to heal
  • Society’s damaging view of masculinity
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Creating intimacy through vulnerability
  • Allowing the divine masculine to come through
  • The impact porn has on our phychology
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine in relationships, society & business
  • Appreciating our parents for doing the best they could
  • Tapping into the body’s wisdom
  • Creating space for opening up the channel to your business entity

You can check out more about Michael McPherson over at https://www.humanitymedia.co/

Follow him here; https://www.instagram.com/humanity.media/ 


76 – The Drama Cycle

How do you know if you’re living a life in drama? So often we can dramatize things, blow them out of proportion and be caught in a drama cycle with others and not realise it’s causing more pain than good.

So how do we stop living a life of drama and change our toxic behaviour and relationships for the better?

All behaviour is simply an attempt to meet a core need.
So what dramatic behaviours are you using to unresourcefully meet your needs?

Today’s podcast episode is all about how to recognize when Drama is affecting our lives and how to make changes for the better.

What about toxic relationships? Do you know someone who constantly plays the victim? Maybe you identify as someone who rescue’s other people or maybe you see others as weak and vulnerable when they’re playing the victim and instead of supporting them you oppress them. Are these relationships enriching your life or draining them?

Here I delve into the Drama Triangle and how our relationships can be our greatest teachers.

75 – Wearing your worth with Sarah Gale, Founder of Wearing your worth & former Judge on Project Runway Australia

Former Project Runway Australia judge turned spirit activist, Sarah migrated from the competitive fashion-industry pioneering the journey into the aesthetics of the soul. She is an Accredited Coach and Founder of Wearing Your Worth®, a revolutionary program created to enable women to gain greater insight into their psychological relationship with their clothes and deepen their connection with their authentic Self. A mother of two, Sarah is passionate about living an authentic life and continually honing her willingness to live transparently with love, courage, and vulnerability. She speaks from experience, shares from her heart and enjoys inspiring others to live a mindful life. She is a turmeric latte and green smoothie bowl junkie. Follow her on FacebookInstagram or Check out Wearing your Worth

In today’s episode we delve into the world of fashion and the impact our clothes can have on our Psychology and vice versa;

  • Your relationship with your clothes and your “self”
  • Expressing your authenticity through what you wear
  • Our relationship with what we wear is a direct correlation with our mindset and belief patterns
  • Our clothes can reveal our greatest desires and biggest fears.
  • Take charge of your wardrobe and learn how to reconnect with, and express the real you.
  • The real meaning for choosing “comfortable” in your clothing   
  • Undercover your own unique style essences and embody true confidence, authenticity and feel empowered in the wardrobe and beyond.
  • Pushing through resistance to take risks in business
  • Aligning your values to your business

74 – Embodiment

What’s the meaning of Embodiment?

;a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

;the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.

Is it time to up level your success? This episode was inspired by 2 different things.

One is around all the goal setting that happens at this time of year and how without going past the goal setting stage and stepping into embodiment, our goals may never be realised.

And secondly, what happens when we get to the stage of success that we thought was possible for us – how to we up level to that next stage?

Before we can become something new or experience a new level of success, we first must change our thinking and shift our belief patterns so we can create a new external experience.

Every day we are surrounded by the same experiences, same people, same environment and 80% of our thoughts are the same we had yesterday. So how do we create something new if all we are experiencing is the same?

We must first unlearn our old thoughts and beliefs and then embed new thought patterns through these stages of embodiment.

The Love What You Do 2 Day Business Mastermind

Heart Centred Entrepreneurship can be hard sometimes but it all becomes so much easier when you surround yourself with other passionate, heart centred women who are also doing good work in the world.
This is why I created this 2 Day Mastermind. To allow all female leaders to tap into their potential and to find new and exciting ways to do business in 2019 in the new way! No more Hustle and grind – no more pushing shit up hill. Real conversations, real connections and real integrity. If you have been thinking about attending, I want you to know exactly that you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear and detailed action plan to achieve your 2019 goals
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  • Beautiful new Professional Photos to uplevel your brand image
  • Strategies on how to balance hustle & flow so you can feel in alignment throughout 2019
  • Guidance on how to boost your energy and vitality to reduce burnout and keep yourself high vibin to achieve your goals
  • A new Money Mindset to start welcoming more money into your life and push through any limiting thresholds
  • A personalised sales strategy to make your conversions easy & effortless
  • New friendships to support each other throughout 2019
  • And so much more….

February 16 & 17 are fast approaching and the early bird tickets to the 2 Day Business Mastermind are ending soon! If you are ready to say yes and want to secure your spot click this link below to find out more and secure your spot for the retreat!

The LWYD Collective 2 Day Business Mastermind

73 – Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship with Makenzie Marzluff, Founder of Delighted by Hummus & Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

Makenzie Marzluff is a conscious entrepreneur who is passionate about heart-centered leadership & creativity. She is the Founder of Delighted By Hummus and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Cacao enthusiast. Voice for Mother Earth & all of her blessings, from plant-medicines to essential oils to the trees and beyond. Speaker on the new paradigm of big (and small) business. Human being with one opinion: #lovewins.

This beautiful heart centred conversation covered all this and more:

  • Conscious entrepreneurship and doing business in the “New Way”
  • Making decisions with intuition rather than through a spreadsheet
  • The art of receiving is the new “hustle”
  • The new way of marketing
  • Doing the work so you can lead from your heart
  • Honoring our feminine energy and bringing it back into balance
  • Surrendering to divine timing
  • Energetic investment when charging for your services
  • Being open to circulating abundance
  • Going against your guidance
  • Learning to ask for help and delegating
  • The power of plant medicine and the impact it has on our consciousness
  • How to develop your intuition
  • What to do when you’re stressed out in your business and how to get back into alignment
  • Rituals to assist you in leading from your heart not your head
  • Creating structure for freedom & allowing space for the magic
  • And business as an inward journey

To find our more about Makenzie’s June Event check out this link –

Restoring the Heart Into Big (and Small) Business’ MAUI HI JUNE 15-16, 2019

To find out more about Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

To follow the journey and connect with Makenzie head over to Instagram:




72 – 7 Revenue boosting strategies to grow your business in 2019!

Over the Christmas break, I took some time to review and reflect on 2018 especially focusing on what worked and what didn’t work in my business. If you listened to last week’s episode with Kirsten you will have heard that last year was a massive year of growth and expansion, especially in my business. Throughout the reflection, I came to find 7 key strategies that I used to create the results and success for 2018. So today I want to share them with you in the hope that maybe you could implement them into you business in 2019 and create the business of your dreams.

Let’s get started~!

*Prioritise your money makers and business drivers

*Creating an effective opt in for lead generation

*Lift your visibility

*Be seen as a leader in your field

*Make your offer – ask for what you want

*Clarify and Simplify your offering

*Remove distractions

Here is the Free Guide Download – Creating an Incredible 2019 – 7 Revenue Strategies to grow you business

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